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Product Info

One stylish seat design that incorporates four perfectly dimensioned seats.

  • One stylish design that incorporates four perfectly dimensioned seats.
  • Quick and easy to change from stage one to four (this seat is designed to grow with your child).
  • Cleverly designed to suit children as young as six months , right up to 8 years old.
  • Fully adjustable 5 point safety harness.
  • Use indoors and outdoors.
  • Fully adjustable rot resistant ropes mean it will fit all TP swing frames and other swing frames too.
  • Can be used with the TP New Forest Acorn Swing and the TP Early Fun Swing in both the low height and full height positions.
  • Ergonomically designed headrest is perfect to provide important
  • Head support for babies from just 6 months old.
  • The curved "Y" yoke is carefully designed to make lifting children in and out of the seat as easy as possible.
  • All plastic surfaces are very easy to wipe clean.
  • 5 point adjustable harness for extra safety and security.
  • Rope length easily changed to suit your swing frame by using the unique moulded rope adjuster.
  • Stylish rear push plate neatly conceals dual roping at all stages.
  1. 6 months+This fully supportive"Cocoon" style seat with moulded headrest is designed for babies 6 months+. The ‘Y’ shaped yoke makes it easy to lift baby in and out of the seat. The fully adjustable 5 way safety harness provides extra reassurance..
  2. 2 years+Simply remove the head rest to create a cradle seat suitable for children aged from 2 years. The ‘Y’ Yoke remains in place for added security and confidence and the harness becomes a 3 point lap strap
  3. 3 years+The ‘Y’ yoke can be removed to create a comfortable bucket seat. Now children can get on and off the swing easily but still enjoy reassuring side and back support. The dual ropes make the swing seat far more stable than single roped alternative
  4. 5 years+When children are ready, their first proper swing seat can be easily revealed by sliding the base seat away from the bucket enclosure. 

This seat is designed to grow with your children and will convert from stage one to four easily. This QuadPod is not designed to be built at stage four then be converted to the earlier stages.

Click here to view the assembly instructions for this product.

For detailed information on how to attach the QuadPod to the Early Fun/Kingfisher swing at full height please download this instruction

Not sure if this swing seat is compatible with your frame? Check out our compatibility chart.


1 year guarantee

Age Range: From 6 months to 8 years.

Max user weight: 35kg

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Q Can i buy replacement arm straps for this as I seem to have lost mine

Yes you can buy arm straps from our spares department. They can be contacted on or on the telephone number 08448221309

Q Can you tell me if this seat fits onto a plum swing please

The Quadpod is designed to fit most swing frame sets, however we are unable to confirm whether it will fit to this particular one as we have not tested it. However we can email you the instructions to enable you to see how it fixes on to TP frames if this helps.

Q Is there any other color available?


Green is the only color currently available for this item. We apologise for any inconvenience caused.

Q Hello, I would like to know how long the ropes are supplied with the swing (measuring from the base to the clips). Thank you.

The length of the ropes is approximately 31".

Q I have lost our instruction manual and I need to change our quad seat to Stage 3. Could you send me instructions. We are very pleased with the swing and seat, it has given my granddaughter hours of enjoyment.

We are glad to read that you are happy with the swing and seat, we have emailed these over to you. All the best. TP.

Q Can this swing be hung from a tree branch? Is there a special kit to do so or instructions on how to do so using the supplied ropes?

Thank you for your enquiry. Sorry this product is only tested to health and safety standards, to be fitted onto our Swing Frames. We would not for safety purposes be able to recommend this on a tree branch. We are sorry for any inconvenience.

Q The product info seems to say both that the seat is easy to convert back to an earlier stage (in the 5+ section) and that it can't be converted back ( immediately below.) Can it be converted back to an earlier stage?

We can confirm this can be converted back into an earlier stage.

Q Hi, I have lost the instruction manual and need to change the seat to the next level (level 3). Thank you.

We will email the instructions to you. Thanks.

Q Hi
Please forward me instructions for quod pod as I have misplaced the paper version.
I need to move to stage 2.
Thanks in advance

I have forwarded the instructions to your email address as requested. Thank you. 

Q Hi, we ordered the quadpod and frame from John Lewis but there don't appear to be any instructions for how to attach the seat to the frame (for stages 1-3). Could you please email to me? Many thanks

There is a link to the assembly instructions at the bottom of the product page for Quadpod on If you have problems accessing the instructions, please let us know .

Q Hi, can you tell me if your quad pod fits onto your double metal frame swing. Does it attach at the top with an "S" shape hook?

Yes, the Quadpod fits to the TP Double Giant Swing Frame. You would use the  extension rope included with the Quadpod  to attach it. This has a crimped loop with an embedded plastic bush to attach the swing seat to the swing bracket.

Q Hi
Up to what age / size is the 5 point harness suitable for? My son is almost 5 and has cerebral palsy & cannot sit unaided.
A 5 point harness is sufficient support if it is long enough?

Sorry, I'm afraid the harness would not be suitable for a 5 year old child. The maximum age for the harness  is usually around 3 years old.

Q Hello,
I brought my granddaughter a quad seat for her swing, she is now old enough to have it in the stage three position, but we don't have the extension ropes to have it at a lower height but with the extension supports added to the main frame. I can't see where I might be able to buy them, or should they have come with the swing originally? You help would be appreciated. Many thanks, sally white

The extension ropes are  supplied with every QuadPod. If you no longer have them, they are available as a spare part. Please contact

Q I'm thinking of buying one of these for my 1 and 3 year old to both use. How quick and easy is it to convert from stage 1 to 3 and stage 3 to 1? Some of the info suggests it shouldn't be converted backwards.

 We would not advise you to do this. It is not designed to change the stages regularly, just once as your child grows through the various stages.

Q do you need to buy different brackets to fit seat onto a tp triple frame. can't get seat attached onto u hook

Your triple swing frame should have all the attachments you need. Spares can be purchased from

Q Hello, we bought this for our hedstrom swing frame but even with ropes tightened it is still too long on frame, is there any way to shorten ropes more please or do you sell shorter ropes
Many thanks

Unfortunately once these are at full shortened length they are not able to be shortened any further,

Q Hi there

Would you be able to email me the instruction manual to turn our quad pod from stage 2 to 3 please - we lost them in a house move.

Many thanks

Hi, I will forward you the instructions right away. Kind Regards, TP.

Q Hi,
I'm wanting to convert the quad pod back for a baby however my boy broke the green base (stage 4) can I buy a replacement?

Hi, you should try our spares department on 01609 881911 or on Kind Regards, TP.

Q Hi, I was wondering if it was possible to buy a replacement plastic front to my quad pod? The 'Y' shape piece that fits into the seat at front and sides that the child's legs go either side? It's on the photo of stage 1and 2! The green and yellow piece with TP on the front! Thanks!

Hello, you may be able to source parts from our spares department on 01609 881911 or Kind Regards, TP.

Q Does the quadpod have all it needs to attach it to the new forest growable acorn frame

Hi, yes it will - you just attach the eyelets on the rope to the swing hooks. Kind Regards, TP.

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