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The original Pillow Pets

Posted by Sarah on 14th March 2012

The original Pillow Pets

We are really excited to announce that our sister company has recently launched Pillow Pets™ in the UK.

These cuddly animals have a clever twist - a hidden strap that closes underneath which transforms it from a cute animal into a soft pillow, making it the ideal travel pal, naptime buddy an all-around cuddly friend. The original Pillow Pets™ are bigger, plumper and much softer than similar products on the market. When unfolded for use as a pillow, it is genuinely soft and supportive for children’s heads whether used when lying down or for travelling.

We have just launched a brand new website where you can purchase your very own Pillow Pet™, there are lots of cute animals to choose from www.pillowpets.co.uk