Guarantee Information

Guarantee Information

Guarantee conditions for products sold by Robovision Ltd trading as TP Toys.

 What is guaranteed?

Products sold by Robovision Ltd trading as TP Toys may have various guarantees in accordance with these terms and conditions. For further details of the guarantee specific to your product, see the website for that specific product or view this guarantee document

Conditions for the Guarantee

  • All guarantees are conditional upon family domestic use of the product.
  • All guarantees apply to the original purchaser only; they are strictly not transferable.
  • All guarantees commence on the date of purchase.
  • Guarantees require the production of the original purchase receipt and of the batch number, which appears on the instruction provided with the product. The purchaser for this reason and to provide important maintenance information (see above) should retain this instruction sheet.
  • If a guarantee claim is valid and a replacement part is supplied, the replacement part assumes the warranty period of the original purchase. For example if a product is purchased on 4 January 2015 and has a 1 year guarantee, but a replacement part is supplied under warranty 9 months later in September 2015, the warranty of the product including the replacement part supplied in September 2015 will expire 1 year from the original purchase, ie 3 January 2016.
  • To enable us to manage your warranty claim as efficiently as possible, please register your purchase at
  • Registration of warranty is not necessary for customers who purchase from this website, . Their purchase records will be used to register their guarantee.
  • Liability is limited to the affected part only which we will repair or replace at our discretion. This guarantee does not cover consequential or incidental damages.
  • Please see our Terms and Conditions of Sale for details of how to contact us and arrange collection or inspection of the goods.

TP Promise: From 23rd February 2017, until further notice, all purchasers from will receive an extra one year guarantee free. This extra one year guarantee is in addition to the standard TP guarantee(s). A full listing of all TP standard guarantees is available here.  This additional guarantee is strictly limited to customers of only. Customers purchasing from other TP retailers will not qualify for this additional guarantee in any circumstance whatsoever. All guarantees commence on the date of purchase. 

The guarantee applies to TP branded products only. Therefore, it does not apply to Scuttlebugs, Smart trikes, Swingballs or any other non TP branded products for sale on Please also note it does not apply to purchases of TP spares from


  • All guarantees require the purchaser to have followed the assembly and maintenance instructions provided with all TP products. For example, any rust spots on steel frames need to be rubbed down with a wire brush and protected with galvanized paint to prevent further corrosion. If this general maintenance has not taken place, the guarantees against rust causing failure will be invalidated.
  • All guarantees require the purchaser not to have modified the product. 
  • All TP Guarantees will be null and void if the product has not been assembled in accordance with the detailed instructions supplied. Replacement parts required as a result of incorrect assembly will be chargeable in all instances
  • Only fittings and accessories supplied by TP should be used with TP products or your guarantee may be invalidated.
  • Many TP products have extensive guarantees against wood rot and rust causing failure. These guarantees apply to the wood or steel frame structures only. They do not apply to the nuts and bolts used to construct the frames. These nuts and bolts are covered by a standard one year guarantee in all cases.
  • If, in our reasonable opinion any of the following circumstances apply, the guarantee shall not be valid:
    • vandalism.
    • abuse.
    • incorrect installation and assembly.
    • inappropriate usage.
    • minor settlement.
    • unsuitable storage conditions.
    • weather related damage.
    • repair or attempted repair other than by TP.
    • you have not complied with the provisions of our terms and conditions of sale.
    • normal wear and tear, cuts or scratches, or damage caused by impacts or accidents.
    • acts of God. 

Purchases outside of British Isles

  • Guarantees apply to purchases made in the British Isles. Outside that territorial area, the maximum guarantee on any product, or part of that product, is 1 year. 
  • Purchases of TP products outside the British Isles must be made from an approved TP retailer who will provide local resolution of any qualifying warranty claims. All claims will require the production of a valid purchase receipt.

In all cases, the guarantee conditions clearly stated above must also be met for the guarantee to be upheld

 Use of TP Products in an educational /schools environment

TP products are tested to the EN71 standard applicable to products used in a family domestic setting. Anyone wishing to use TP equipment in an educational setting should check with their insurer that equipment certified to EN71 is acceptable before they make their purchase.

TP products intended for use in an educational setting are guaranteed for 1 year. Specifically, these products are TP sand and water tables: The Cascade, the Oasis, the Rockface and the La Palma as well as the Hide and Seek tunnel. All other TP products used in this environment are guaranteed for 3 months only to reflect the more intensive use these products will experience in this setting.

None of the above affects the consumer’s statutory rights

Important Information about Guarantees on TP purchases made prior to 3rd January 2012

Tube Plastics trading as TP Activity Toys went into administration on 6 December 2011. At that time all the guarantees it had issued were rendered null and void.

Robovision Ltd bought the assets of Tube Plastics on 3 January 2012. Trading as TP Toys we have no legal obligation to honour the guarantees issued by the business that went into administration. 

Please click here for guarantee information on discontinued lines sold at clearance prices through all TP Toys retailers including after 22nd January 2013.