Trampolines For Toddlers

At TP Toys, we understand the significance of providing a fun and secure play area for your kids. That's why our trampolines designed for toddlers are meticulously crafted with safety as the top priority. These trampolines for toddlers cater to children as young as 1-year-old. Toddlers require a compact trampoline featuring a low mat height and either a safety bar for gripping or protective netting surrounding its perimeter.

Both our junior trampolines are equipped with a reliable enclosure to prevent your child from falling off or coming into contact with the springs. Our Early Fun toddler trampoline additionally features a safety handlebar, which is strongly recommended for your child to grasp while enjoying a bouncing session. This trampoline can be conveniently used both indoors and outdoors, making it ideal for the unpredictable British weather. The most suitable trampoline size largely depends on the dimensions of your garden. For instance, our children's 4ft trampoline is perfect for smaller outdoor spaces. A children's garden trampoline serves as an incredible toy, introducing your little one to the joys of outdoor play.

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TP 6ft Hip Hop Junior Trampoline TP 6ft Hip Hop Junior Trampoline
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TP 6ft Hip Hop Junior Trampoline
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TP Early Fun Toddler Trampoline TP Early Fun Toddler Trampoline
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Are trampolines safe?
Trampolines for toddlers are very safe provided they either have protective netting or a handle bar for your toddler to grip on to while they play.

At what age can my child use a TP trampoline?
Our TP toddler trampoline range includes toys for children to play with from 1 year old & are perfect for children up to the age of 6. For children older than that we recommend checking out our range of trampolines for children ages 6 & above.

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