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 At TP Toys we know how important it is to ensure your children can play in a fun & safe environment. That's why our trampolines for toddlers are designed & built with safety in mind. These childrens trampolines can be played with by children as young as 1 year old. A toddler needs a small trampoline, with a low mat height & either a safety bar to hold on to or a protective netting around the outside.

Both of our junior trampolines have a safe, secure enclosure to ensure your child doesn't fall off or make contact with the springs & our Early Fun toddler trampoline includes a safety handle bar that we recommend your child holds on to while they bounce. The Early Fun trampoline can even be used both indoors & outdoors, perfect for the temperamental British weather. In terms of the best sized trampoline, it really depends on your garden size. For example our childrens 4ft trampoline is perfect for smaller gardens. A childrens garden trampoline is a fantastic toy for your little one to begin their adventure into the world of outdoor play.

Are trampolines safe?
Trampolines for toddlers are very safe provided they either have protective netting or a handle bar for your toddler to grip on to while they play.

At what age can my child use a TP trampoline?
Our TP toddler trampoline range includes toys for children to play with from 1 year old & are perfect for children up to the age of 6. For children older than that we recommend checking out our range of trampolines for children ages 6 & above.

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