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Protect your trampoline from the elements with one of our trampoline covers. A cover will protect your springs & mat from any weather including rain & snow. We have covers for all of our trampolines, from our 8ft trampoline covers, 10ft trampoline covers, 12ft trampoline covers, all the way up to our 14ft trampoline cover & Infinity Leap trampolines.

Why not check out our other trampoline accessories, including our trampoline ladders, trampoline anchor kits & our full trampoline accessory kits.

How to cover a trampoline
Covering a trampoline with a TP trampoline cover is nice & easy. Simply unfold the trampoline cover on top of the trampoline mat, making sure you have taken down the enclosure beforehand. Spread the cover out & secure one side before securing the opposite side. You can then secure the rest of the cover, ensuring all of the mat is protected.

Do you need to cover a trampoline in winter?
You do need to cover a trampoline in winter. The UK weather is notoriously temperamental during the autumn & winter months. Heavy rain & snow can damage the trampoline mat which is why it is important you keep it fully covered while not in use during winter.

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