8ft Trampolines with enclosure

Provide your little ones with countless hours of entertainment in the garden with one of our 8ft trampolines. An 8ft trampoline is the ideal choice for gardens of all dimensions, offering ample space for kids of every age while still leaving room for other outdoor activities. Rest assured that our 8ft trampolines all come with a protective enclosure, ensuring your little ones can play safely to their heart's content.

Our 8ft trampolines are skilfully constructed using sturdy steel, guaranteeing exceptional durability. The circular design ensures that no matter where your children bounce, they will always end up in the centre. Additionally, the inclusion of an enclosure provides an extra layer of security, preventing any accidental falls.

If you're in search of an affordable 8ft trampoline without compromising on quality, explore our TP UP 8ft trampoline. It has been thoughtfully engineered with safety as a top priority, and it comes at a price that will leave you delighted.

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TP Up 8ft Trampoline TP Up 8ft Trampoline
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TP Challenger® 8ft Trampoline TP Challenger® 8ft Trampoline
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TP Challenger® 8ft Trampoline
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TP Hip Hop 8ft Trampoline TP Hip Hop 8ft Trampoline
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TP Up All-in-one 8ft Trampoline Bundle TP Up All-in-one 8ft Trampoline Bundle
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TP Up All-in-one 8ft Trampoline Bundle
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Shop with TP Toys today for the finest selection of 8ft trampolines in the UK. To safeguard your trampoline during the winter season, consider purchasing an 8ft trampoline cover. If you require a trampoline in a different size, we also offer an impressive range of 6ft, 10ft, and 12ft trampolines.

How long does it take to build an 8ft trampoline?
Build length will vary depending on the complexity of the trampoline frame & enclosure but we usually suggest it will take 2 adults around 2-3 hours to construct a TP 8ft trampoline with enclosure.

How much weight can an 8ft trampoline take?
Again this will vary trampoline to trampoline however ours vary from the TP UP trampoline which can support 100kg to our Hip Hop & Challenger 8ft trampolines which can support a single user up to 85kg.

How much space do i need for an 8ft trampoline?
For any trampoline with an enclosure we recommend having at least 1 metre gap the entire way around the trampoline between the edge of the trampoline & any walls or solid surfaces. This means for an 8ft trampoline you would need a length & width of around 4.5m - 5m. For more info and help choosing which trampoline is best for you, take a look at our Trampoline Buying Guide!

What age is an 8ft trampoline for?
All of our TP 8ft trampolines are perfect for children ages 6 & above. For younger children check out our trampolines for toddlers.

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