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For a trampoline that is perfect for gymnasts, advanced bouncers & those looking for more of a challenge, a rectangle trampoline is perfect. Designed to be as close to a professional trampoline as possible, a rectangular trampoline offers greater height & a more dynamic bounce due to it's shape. While it also doesn't force the bouncer back to the centre of the trampoline mat like circular trampolines do. For the best 10ft & 12ft UK rectangular trampolines, TP Toys has everything you need!

Frequently Asked Questions

Q) Are rectangular trampolines better?

A) This fully depends on what features matter the most to you. Rectangular trampolines offer a higher bounce due to their size & shape. They also ensure bounces closer to the edge still get good height due to the springs working independently to each other.

Q) How to measure a rectangular trampoline mat?

A) Start at the edge of the mat where it meets the springs on either of the two shorter sides & measure across to the other side. Then repeat the process for the longer sides of the trampoline. This will form the two lengths for your trampoline.

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