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Seasonal Sensory Development: Winter Activities for Tactile Learning

Winter brings with it a unique canvas for tactile learning opportunities. For parents and educators, it's a season to foster sensory development in children through a plethora of engaging activities. These activities tap into the sensory-rich environment that winter offers and infuse the festive charm of Christmas and Halloween. This article will delve into a variety of elaborate winter activities, complete with step-by-step instructions, recommended materials, and an exploration of their educational benefits.  

Christmas Sensory Activities 

Salt Dough Ornaments 

Let's start with a timeless Christmas classic – salt dough ornaments. These ornaments are beautiful decorations and fantastic tools for tactile exploration. You'll need flour, salt, water, cookie cutters, paint, and brushes to create them. 

Begin by mixing 2 cups of flour, 1 cup of salt, and 1 cup of water to make salt dough. Roll it out and invite children to craft various Christmas shapes with cookie cutters. After baking and cooling, provide an array of paints and brushes, allowing kids to unleash their creativity as they decorate these ornaments. 

Sensory Stockings 

Moving on to another craft project, let's make sensory stockings. For this activity, gather felt, fabric glue, a variety of textured materials (like velvet, faux fur, and burlap), and small jingle bells. 

First, cut out stocking shapes from the felt. Now, the fun part is to let children personalise their stockings by attaching different textures using fabric glue. These textured stockings provide a unique tactile experience. And don't forget to add jingle bells for an extra layer of sensory stimulation. 

Winter Sensory Bins 

Sensory bins are an excellent way to engage children in tactile exploration. You'll need plastic bins, rice, small-themed toys, and scooping tools to create a winter-themed sensory bin. 

Start by filling the plastic bins with rice, simulating a snowy landscape. Then, bury small Christmas-themed toys within the rice. Provide scooping tools and let the children dig in. As they explore the bin, their sense of touch will come alive as they discover and identify objects buried beneath the "snow." 

Halloween Sensory Activities 

Spooky Sensory Bags  

Halloween is another season ripe for sensory activities. One creative option is to make spooky sensory bags. Gather ziplock bags, hair gel, Halloween-themed objects (like plastic spiders and eyeballs), and food colouring (optional). 

Fill the Ziplock bags with hair gel, and add the Halloween-themed objects. You can even introduce food colouring for a more eerie effect. Seal the bags securely and invite children to squish and explore the contents. It's a tactile adventure with a spooky twist!  

Monster Playdough 

Playdough is a versatile tool for sensory exploration. Gather homemade or store-bought playdough, googly eyes, pipe cleaners, and small plastic monster figurines to make it more Halloween-centric. 

Provide children with playdough and a plethora of monster-themed accessories. Encourage them to use their tactile senses to craft their very own spooky creatures. They can mould, shape, and decorate their monsters, exploring various textures and shapes in the process.  

Sensory Storytime 

Enhancing sensory development doesn't always require elaborate materials. A sensory Storytime can be both enriching and enjoyable. Collect Halloween-themed books, costumes, and props to set up a sensory Storytime. 

Gather the children and embark on a sensory-rich adventure as you read Halloween books. Encourage them to touch and interact with props related to the story. This immersive experience enhances comprehension and stimulates language development as children discuss their experiences and ask questions.  

Winter Wonderland Playhouses 

Indoor Playhouses 

For those frosty winter days, consider purchasing an outdoor playhouse and transforming it into a sensory wonderland right in your garden.  

Start by selecting a suitable garden playhouse, and then let your creativity shine by decorating it for the season. Use blankets, cushions, and winter-themed decorations to make the playhouse cosy and inviting. Encourage children to participate in the decorating process, allowing them to explore different textures and materials. 

Stock the playhouse with winter-themed snacks to make the experience even more special. This adds a delightful sensory element as they indulge in seasonal tastes and aromas while enjoying their outdoor haven. Whether it's reading, engaging in imaginative play, or simply relishing the winter ambience, these decorated outdoor playhouses provide an enchanting space for tactile learning and winter enchantment. 

 Kids playing outdoors in a wooden playhouse

Educational Benefits 

Engaging in these seasonal sensory activities offers a host of educational benefits for children: 

Tactile Development: These activities encourage children to explore and manipulate various textures, enhancing their tactile development and fine motor skills. 

Creativity and Imagination: Crafting ornaments, playdough monsters, and playhouses fosters creativity and imagination, helping children develop problem-solving skills. 

Cognitive Development: Sensory exploration aids cognitive development by allowing children to make connections between their senses and the world around them. 

Language Development: Engaging in sensory-rich story times promotes language development as children discuss their experiences and ask questions, expanding their vocabulary and comprehension. 

Social Interaction: Many of these activities are best enjoyed with peers, promoting social skills and cooperation.  


Winter is indeed a wonderful season to embrace tactile learning through sensory-rich activities. Whether it's crafting Christmas ornaments, exploring spooky sensory bags for Halloween, or building snow forts, these activities offer numerous educational benefits. They engage the senses, ignite creativity, enhance fine motor skills, and promote cognitive and language development. 

So, this winter, embrace the magic of the season and let your child's senses come alive in a world of seasonal wonder. Encourage them to explore, create, and learn, all while basking in the festive spirit of Christmas and Halloween. These activities will create lasting holiday memories and lay a strong foundation for their overall development. 

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