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Finding the perfect bounce: Choosing the right size trampoline for Every Age and Space

Not only are trampolines great fun, but bouncing on a trampoline is also an exciting form of physical activity for bouncers of all ages.

Whether you're a parent looking for an engaging, outdoor activity for your children or an adult who wants to keep active whilst enjoying the thrill of bouncing, choosing the right trampoline size is a task that requires a fair amount of research.

In this guide, we will share some advice to help you choose the right size trampoline for your needs. We will also look at some common queries, questions and concerns, to help you make an informed decision when it comes to choosing the perfect trampoline size.

Plus, best of all, we will share some handy tips to help you measure your garden, so you can choose a trampoline that is the right fit for your space.

What Is the Best Size Trampoline to Get?

When it comes to choosing the best trampoline size there are a few factors for you to consider. One of the main things to think about is the age and physical qualities of the user, as well as the size of your garden.

Trampolines come in a variety of sizes, from compact 6ft trampolines to more spacious 14ft options. We are going to talk about some of these models and how to narrow down your choice:

Is a 10ft Trampoline Big Enough for a 12-Year-Old?

A 10ft trampoline can definitely work for a 12-year-old. It offers plenty of jumping space and a suitable amount of bounce.

However, you should just make sure to consider the weight capacities in the manufacturer’s guidelines. Manufacturers will specify a maximum weight capacity, to ensure safe use on the trampoline.

So long as the 10ft trampoline has an appropriate weight capacity for your 12-year-old, it is plenty big enough for them.

Is There Much Difference Between a 10ft and 12ft Trampoline?

The main difference between a 10ft and 12ft trampoline is the size of the jumping surface.

A 12ft trampoline offers a bigger surface area for bouncing, which can make it a little bit more fun, especially for older children and adults.

That being said, a 10ft trampoline is still plenty big enough to enjoy. Plus, a 10ft trampoline can help you find the balance, offering a big enough bouncing space without taking up too much room in your garden.

Are Bigger Trampolines Less Bouncy?

No, bigger trampolines are not necessarily less bouncy.

The bounceability of a trampoline depends on a few factors. These factors include the design of the frame, the tension of the springs and the quality of the jumping surface.

So long as a trampoline is designed well, with good-quality materials, it will be perfectly bouncy… even if it’s a whopping 14ft trampoline! 

Is a 12ft Trampoline Too Big?

Knowing whether a trampoline is ‘too big’ depends mostly on your taste, the size of your garden and one very important safety consideration.

You need to measure your garden carefully to decide whether a 12ft trampoline will fit comfortably. But, bear this one, golden rule in mind…

To protect bouncers, we recommend maintaining a minimum clearance of at least 2 meters between the trampoline and any vertical wall or fence. If you can’t maintain this space around a 12ft trampoline, then yes, it is too big, and you should opt for a smaller model.

Child jumping on TP UP trampoline

How Do I Measure My Garden for a Trampoline?

Measuring your garden is an essential step in choosing the right size trampoline.

Here are our handy measuring tips:

  • Clear the Area: Start by removing any obstructions from your garden, you don’t want to be measuring around garden furniture or over planters.
  • Use A Measuring Tape: Grab a tape measure and measure out the dimensions of your available space. You need to think about any possible problem areas, such as uneven ground, trees or shrubs. When measuring your trampoline space, don’t forget to factor in the 2-meter clearance around the trampoline, to protect users.
  • Think Shape: Think about the shape of the trampoline you are looking to buy. Rectangular trampolines may need a little bit more space, whilst rounder ones might slot into your garden more easily.
  • Remember Manufacturer's Recommendations: Always look at the manufacturer's guidelines and recommendations for the trampoline you are buying, as they may have product-specific tips.

What Is the Best Size Trampoline for a 7-Year-Old?

For a 7-year-old child, an 8ft trampoline is a great choice.

An 8ft trampoline offers the perfect balance between space and safety, plus your child won’t outgrow it too quickly.

When picking a trampoline for a child, the most important thing to remember is safety measures. Whether you go for an 8ft or a 12ft, make sure there is a reliable safety net in place. Not only does the safety net help protect your child from any accidents, but it also offers you peace of mind whilst your child bounces away!

What Size Trampoline Won't My Child Grow Out Of?

Naturally, lots of parents worry about their children growing out of their trampoline too quickly.

A smaller trampoline might be suitable for younger children, but you also have to think long-term. For families with growing children, we recommend a 10ft or larger. A 10ft trampoline will offer your kids bouncing fun for years to come.

At TP Toys, we offer a wide range of trampolines, for toddlers all the way through to teenagers. Our extensive selection means you can choose the perfect trampoline for your child, ensuring years of entertainment.


Selecting the right trampoline size is a decision that requires a little bit of thought. There are a few factors that come into play, such as the age of the users, the space in your garden, safety measures and individual preference.

While a 10ft trampoline is a great choice that is suitable for most families, you might want to think about a 12ft trampoline if you are looking for a little bit more bouncing area. Just remember to buy a trampoline with appropriate safety features and make sure you stick to the manufacturer’s guidelines in terms of weight capacity and installation.

Following this article will help you pick the best trampoline for your family, offering endless hours of bouncing fun for years to come.

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