Metal Climbing Frames

Made from durable steel, metal climbing frames have excellent longevity and are extremely reliable at great prices. They are extremely rust resistant, ours come with a five year rust guarantee, and due to the material can easily be painted different colours so your kids can customise their play equipment. Metal climbing frames are exceptionally safe and extremely easy to assemble. Perfect for creative & imaginative play for children of all ages, all year round.

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Wooden Climbing Frames

Wooden climbing frames are fantastic for many reasons. Ours are made using FSC certified wood, meaning they are sourced from sustainable wood, ensuring they have no impact on the environment. The temperature of wooden climbing frames doesn't fluctuate which is great for play on hot or cold days. They are extremely rot resistant and come with a 5 year rot guarantee. These are perfect climbing frames to help kids get closer to nature with year round playability.

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When choosing where to build your frame remember, safety first. If possible build your frame on grass or bark chips. Ensure there is at least a 1.5m perimeter around the entire climbing frame and when building make sure to follow all of the instructions very thoroughly.

When playing children should be supervised at all times. Before play make sure to check all joints, screws and surfaces, looking out for any wear & tear, holes or loose screws. Ensure that you adhere to the maximum weight limits for all our climbing frames when playing.

All our climbing frames come with five year guarantees against rot & rust, however there are still ways you can ensure your play equipment stays in tip top condition. It is always good to do regular checks on the equipment, checking screws and joints. While not required, you can also get a cover as extra protection against the winter elements.

Customise Your Frame

One of the biggest benefits of a TP Toys climbing frame, is that you can customise your play equipment to make it unique to you. Our product builder feature lets you select your base frame, then create your masterpiece with a wide range of add ons & accessories.

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