Metal Climbing Frames

Made with galvanised steel & coming with a host of accessories like monkey runs, slides & swing arms, a metal climbing frame is fantastic value. Generally cheaper than a wooden climbing frame & easier to assemble, a metal climbing frame is perfect for smaller gardens, for those on a budget & for parents wanting a quick to build frame.

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Wooden Climbing Frames

Our wooden climbing frames are made with FSC wood, meaning they are not only sturdy & fun but also environmentally friendly. Wooden climbing frames do generally take longer to assemble & cost slightly more than metal frames, however they are more durable & have higher weight allowances so they can be used by older children.

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Climbing Frames for Toddlers

Perfect play frames for children aged 12 months to 2 years old.

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Climbing Frames for Young Children

Ideal climbing frames for ages 18 months to 5 years.

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Climbing Frames for Ages 4+

Our biggest frames! Perfect for 4 year olds up to 8 or 9 years.

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Distance From Walls

Always ensure there is an adequate distance between your climbing frame & all walls in your garden. We recommend at least a 1 metre gap on all sides between your climbing frame & any other walls or structures. Make sure to check the footprint of our climbing frames to make sure you have enough garden space.

Solid Ground

One of the biggest keys to climbing frame safety is ensuring you have a flat, level surface to place your climbing frame on. This makes sure there is no chance of the frame sinking or leaning to one side. On some of our bigger climbing frames we also require you to concrete in the anchors to secure the frame which means you need an area where this will be possible.

Safety While Playing

We always recommend that you keep an eye on your children while they are playing on outdoor toys. We appreciate this isn't always possible but we suggest where you can to have your climbing frame in view of your garden windows. That way you can watch out for your little ones even while cracking on with jobs.

How do you Protect Wood From Damage?

The best way to protect the wood on your climbing frame is to treat it with a suitable top coat that will defend it against the rain & snow.

This top coat would consist of a wood oil or a wood varnish that you can pick up from any DIY store. You should apply at least one coat a year ideally in the late Summer or early Autumn to allow it time to settle before the bad weather hits.