For Little Bouncers

For little ones that aren't quite ready for a big trampoline, our Early Fun Toddler & Hip Hop Junior trampolines are a perfect way to get them bouncing. Our toddler range are small in size but big in both fun & safety.

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For Families

For families round trampolines provide the best combination of surface area, safety & challenge. The round shape provides a larger bounce area while the shape ensures you'll always end up back in the middle.

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For Experienced Jumpers

For those bouncers who want a challenge, our Infinity range provides a next level trampoline experience. These trampolines are perfect for older kids & experienced trampoliners, providing a big bounce to test their skills.

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Trampoline Care

It's important to look after your trampoline as the British weather can often damage the canvas. That's why we recommend you have both a trampoline cover & an anchor kit. The cover will protect the surface from rain & snow, while the anchor kit keeps the trampoline firmly in the ground. This will ensure it doesn't move around from the wind, or any over exuberant bouncing.

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Trampoline care is vital when it comes to trampolines. Make sure to put a cover on when you've finished playing to protect from the elements. It's also recommended that you do a thorough inspection of the trampoline before you use it. Look out for holes, a sagging canvas or any rusting on the metal.

Safety is very important, as while trampolines are bundles of fun, injuries can occur if you're not careful. Always ensure the enclosure is fully sealed before beginning to bounce and children should be supervised while playing. It is also important to ensure you do not exceed the weight capacity for the trampoline.

All of our trampolines come with assembly guides to make it clear and easy to put together. Make sure to read the instructions thoroughly and clearly before starting. Ensure you assemble them on a flat surface, with a clear space of at least 1.5 metres around the trampoline.