Trampolines for Toddlers & Little Ones

For toddlers and little ones who aren't quite ready to bounce on full sized trampolines, a smaller toddler trampoline is ideal. These trampolines are perfect as a first time trampoline, helping to develop balance and coordination skills. They're also extra secure, and low to the ground, helping keep your little ones extra safe.

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Trampolines for the Whole Family

For families the mid sized, round trampolines are often the way to go. These trampolines are big enough for hours of bouncing fun, while also fitting into the majority of gardens. Our family trampolines offer maximum fun and security. Perfect for the kids, or if they're feeling brave enough, the adults.

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Trampolines for Experienced Bouncers

For experienced bouncers needing more space for their jumps, rectangle & oval trampolines are best. Offering bigger surface area or even two levels, these trampolines are perfect for aspiring gymnasts and older children looking to improve their skills. This range brings all the fun with added challenge.

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When it comes to bouncing, the priority is safety. Trampolines are fun, but if you're not careful, injuries can happen. Make sure all enclosures are closed when bouncing and make sure kids are being supervised when bouncing. Only one person should be on the trampoline at a time and make sure to check the maximum weight restrictions.


It's key to keep your trampoline maintained. Before bouncing make sure you're checking for holes, broken springs or a sagging trampoline mat. Our trampolines come with an extra 1 year guarantee for added peace of mind. And don't forget to pick up a trampoline cover, to protect against the lovely British weather.


All of our trampolines will require assembly, however we provide helpful guides with all products to make this as smooth and stress free as possible. When putting them together, make sure you set up on an even surface with plenty of space between the trampoline and any solid structures.