Which trampoline is best for me?

Here at TP Toys, we often get asked ‘which is the best trampoline?’ and whilst we wish we had a quick answer, it really all depends on your circumstances. But don’t worry, we can still help you decide! We’ve pulled together the below article which looks at things to consider before purchasing your next favourite bouncy garden toy that the whole family can enjoy! 

What size trampoline do I need?

One of the biggest dilemmas when it comes to buying a trampoline is knowing which size to buy, and sometimes having a big choice of sizes can feel overwhelming. To choose the right size trampoline, here’s some things to consider:

  • Where is it going to be?

Making sure you have enough room in your garden for a trampoline is obviously going to be the most important consideration, you need to make sure whatever size you opt for will fit in your garden, but there’s more to consider with the size of trampoline than you may realise. 

You’ll also need to make sure that there is enough safety room around the trampoline too. It’s suggested to keep a 1.5ft distance each side of the trampoline away from any walls or fences, as this can cause injuries. So, if you’re buying a 10ft trampoline, you need to make sure you have 13ft of space. If you’re buying a 14ft trampoline, you need to have at least 17ft of space and so on. 

It’s not just floor space you need to consider, but also height, as trampolines come with safety enclosure net which might be taller than you realise. For example, our Infinity 12ft Trampoline with enclosure has a height of 290cm. Even our junior 6ft trampoline with enclosure stands at 204cm! This of course gives users added protection and safety when they’re jumping. 

  •  Who will be using it?

Another good consideration is to figure out who will be using the trampoline… and how long they’ll be using it for. Trampolines are an investment, and last for a long time (it’s why we guarantee our frames for up to a decade). Your little ones may be at the right age and size for a 6ft trampoline now, but will they soon grow out of it and want something bigger? 

We’re not saying you should buy the biggest trampoline possible right now – but since our trampolines last for so many years, keep in mind that buying smaller now might see your little ones grow out of it before you’d like!

TP Trampoline Infinity Range

How much does a trampoline cost?

The price of trampolines can vary, depending on things like size, shape, innovation, and quality. A trampoline featuring quality materials may cost you more initially, but will also last much longer than cheaper alternatives which may need things like jump mats and safety nets replacing. 

There is also the shape of the trampoline - standard round trampolines are likely to be cheaper than rectangular trampolines, as rectangle trampolines have a heavier frame that requires extra support due to them having a bigger surface area.  

What trampoline accessories should I get?

Buying the trampoline is great, but there are accessories that will make the quality, safety and longevity of your trampoline better. 

1. A trampoline anchor kit 

When buying your trampoline, it’s worth considering also picking up an anchor kit. This will help to keep your trampoline secure and safe in your garden - especially during adverse weather which we’re a bit too used to in the good old United Kingdom! 

2. A trampoline ladder 

Another important accessory to consider is a ladder for your trampoline, it makes getting on and off the trampoline much easier and makes it even more suitable for children to use. 

3. A trampoline cover 

Keeping your trampoline protected against the elements will help to keep it in good shape and ultimately last longer. A great way to keep your trampoline protected is to use a trampoline cover. Here at TP Toys, we have trampoline covers for all our unique trampoline shapes (including our two level infinity leap trampoline!) - as well as round 8ft trampoline covers and 10ft trampoline covers that will fit any trampoline of that size, no matter where you purchased it from. 

Check out our trampoline buying guide for further advice on choosing the perfect trampoline for you!