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Water Play: The Best Outdoor Toys for Splashing and Fun in the Sun

Water Play: The Best Outdoor Toys for Splashing and Playing in the Sun 

As the sun emerges from behind the clouds, there's no better way to embrace the warmth and joy of the outdoors than by indulging in water play. Children's laughter echoing through the air as they splash, soak, and revel in the water creates lasting memories of summer fun. In this article, we're thrilled to present a carefully curated selection of outdoor toys designed for water play, offering kids an array of opportunities to cool off, explore, and engage in exciting activities under the sun.  

The Benefits of Water Play: Beyond the Splash 

Water play isn't just about having a good time – it's also an excellent way for children to learn, develop essential skills, and build a strong foundation for their growth. Early years water play is more than just entertainment; it's an educational experience fostering various developmental aspects. 

  1. Hand-eye coordination and Fine Motor Skills 

Water play activities provide children with the perfect opportunity to refine their hand-eye coordination and fine motor skills. These actions require precise hand movements and coordination, whether they're pouring water from one container to another, trying to catch a stream from a sprinkler, or filling up a water gun. 

  1. Problem-Solving Skills 

Setting up water tables, creating dams, and building structures using sand and water engage children's problem-solving abilities. These activities encourage them to think critically, plan their actions, and explore the cause-and-effect relationships of their actions in a playful and enjoyable manner. 

  1. Sensory Exploration and Play Experiences 

Water play engages multiple senses – from the feel of water on the skin to the sounds of splashing and the sight of vibrant colours. This sensory stimulation enhances children's cognitive development and creativity. Mixing different colours of water, experimenting with various water flow patterns, and even incorporating items like flower petals or bath toys all contribute to a rich sensory experience. 

Top Water Play Products for Endless Fun 

Now that we've explored the myriad benefits of water play let's dive into our selection of top outdoor toys that amplify the excitement and learning opportunities.  

  1. TP Aqua Slide 

 Turn your garden into a water wonderland with the TP Aqua Slide. This fantastic water slide promises hours of exhilarating sliding action as children zoom down its slippery surface, their laughter echoing with each slide. The slide encourages physical activity, building strength and coordination as kids climb and slide. It's a centrepiece of water play that guarantees non-stop enjoyment. 

Children sliding on aqua slide 

  1. Water Fun Trolley 

The Water Fun Trolley brings convenience and fun to water play. This mobile water station allows kids to create their own water play zone wherever they go. Equipped with containers, buckets, and sprayers, the trolley transforms any outdoor space into a dynamic aquatic adventure. Kids can experiment with water pressure, mix different liquids, and engage in imaginative play, all while refining their motor skills and creativity. 

Child playing with fun water trolley 

  1. Anchor Sand & Water Play Table

The Anchor Sand & Water Play Table offers a versatile play experience that combines the tactile joy of sand with the dynamic nature of water. With separate compartments for sand and water, kids can build sandcastles, create landscapes, and launch boats into the water. This table nurtures imaginative play and encourages children to explore different textures and materials, enhancing their sensory development. 

two children at picnic table with sand pit and sink 

  1. Plug & Play Waterfall

Create your very own waterfall with the TP Wooden Plug & Play Water Run. By using the water wheel, ramp, rocket and other accessories to change the direction of the water as it flows! This fun garden addition helps children with their problem-solving skills. 

children playing with water run garden game


Making the Most of Water Play All Year Round 

While water play is synonymous with sunny days, there's no need to pack away the water toys when the weather cools down. With a little creativity, you can adapt these toys for year-round enjoyment: 

Indoor Water Play: You can set up indoor water play stations on rainy days or colder months. Lay down towels or waterproof mats, fill containers with water, and let the fun continue without worrying about the weather. Water-fun trolleys are perfect for indoor water play, too! 

Educational Water Play: Use water play as an educational tool. Create experiments to teach kids about buoyancy, density, and water displacement. You can even introduce basic science concepts like mixing colours with water to make learning engaging and enjoyable. A school water table has many benefits! 

Sensory Exploration: Water play isn't just about splashing; it's also about sensory stimulation. Incorporate various materials like rice, pasta, or even shaving cream into water play for a textured and sensory-rich experience that can be enjoyed indoors. 


In conclusion, water play is a quintessential childhood experience that offers joy and invaluable developmental benefits. Water play is a holistic activity that contributes to a child's growth, from enhancing motor skills and problem-solving abilities to encouraging sensory exploration. With a wide array of water play toys available, such as the TP Aqua Slide, Water Fun Trolley, Anchor Sand & Water Play Table, and Anchor Water Play Set, outdoor water play possibilities are limitless. So, whether it's a sunny summer day or a cosy indoor afternoon, water play remains a source of boundless entertainment and learning. 

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