How to make Nature Paint Brushes!

This super simple and creative way to make your own paint brushes will offer hours of fun for little ones, not just in the painting - but in finding the leaves and flowers they want to use to make them! We've popped a simple step-by-step guide below on how to make them! 

What will I need?

  • Flowers/Leaves
  • Paper
  • Paint in various colours 
  • Strong sticks to attach your flowers/leaves to
  • Some scissors (either safety scissors for children or ensure parents use them only when needed)
  • Sticky tape or elastic bands 

Step 1 nature paint bruses

Step 1: Find your materials 

One of the best parts about making nature paint brushes for little ones is they get to head out into the outdoors to find what they want to make their paint brushes with! Encourage them to find flowers or leaves with different shapes and patterns! 

Top tip: Once you've done it with flowers, you can even try making stamps using old fruit and veg but putting them on the end of your sticks! 

Step 2: Making the paint brushes

Once children have a variety of brushes, it's time to put them together. Grab your sticks and sticky tape and attach 1 flower to one stick. The idea behind doing this is to make the brushes stronger and less fiddly to use.

step 2 nature paint brushes

Step 3: Get painting! 

Grab a large piece of paper and pots of paint, and one by one, lightly put each nature paint brush into the paint and then onto the paper and watch as the flowers and leaves make great and colourful shapes! 

Step 3 nature paint brushes