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6ft Trampolines with Enclosure: A Safety-Focused choice

Bouncing on a trampoline can offer endless hours of fun for children. But for parents, it can be anxiety-inducing. 

To make sure your children are safe on the trampoline, a safety enclosure is a game changer. Not only will it help prevent accidents and injuries, but it will also offer you, as a parent, a little bit more peace of mind. 

If you are looking to buy a 6ft trampoline, make sure you choose one with an enclosure net. And, before you do buy that 6ft trampoline, take the time to work out whether this is the right size for your children!

Understanding the Enclosure Net

The enclosure net is usually a high-quality, tightly woven net that surrounds the entire jumping area. The net is there to prevent bouncers from falling off the trampoline.

A 6ft trampoline with enclosure will feature netting that is securely attached to the trampoline frame, with a zip for entry and exit. There are no other gaps or openings for users to slip through, protecting them from accidentally bouncing off the trampoline.

Key Benefits of a Safety Enclosure

There are so many reasons to choose a 6ft trampoline with a safety enclosure. Here are some of the main benefits…

  • Fall Prevention: The main function of the net is to prevent bouncers, especially young children, from falling off the trampoline. It is a protective barrier that helps prevent accidents and injuries. It is especially important to have a safety net on a 6ft trampoline. The smaller size of trampoline means a smaller jumping mat, which makes it easier to overstep or overshoot.
  • Added Confidence: Having a net there gives kids a little bit more confidence. They can focus on having fun without worrying so much about falling off the trampoline and hurting themselves.
  • Reduced Risk of Collisions: The net can reduce the risk of collisions between users. The net is a clear boundary. It can discourage other children from trying to get on the trampoline whilst it is in use.
  • Enhanced Health and Safety: A trampoline net is a health and safety measure that is there to cushion falls and impact. If your child loses control or missteps, the net is there to protect them from falling over the edge.
  • Peace of Mind for Parents: A safety net can work wonders for parents too! Relax and watch your children play without the fear of them falling off. The safety enclosure means your kids can enjoy playing outside, without you having to worry so much.

Choosing the Right Enclosure Design

To make sure you choose the right enclosure, here are some quality checks for you to consider.

  • Net Material: The net should be made from a material that is high-quality, durable and UV-resistant. You want this investment to last. A good quality material will ensure the net offers protection long-term.
  • Zip and Latch: The zip and latch should be strong and secure, but also kid-friendly. You want your children to be able to get on and off easily, without struggling.
  • Height: Think about the height of the net in comparison to the height of your children. The taller the net, the more protection. The net should be tall enough to keep bouncers safely inside.
  • Frame Attachment: Make sure the net attaches to the frame well. The attachment points should be strong and secure. Any signs of weakness are a bad thing. You want this net to withstand every bounce your kid throws at it! Once installed, make sure you check the attachments regularly.
  • Pole Padding: A good safety net will also have pole padding. This adds a bit of cushioning to protect against accidental impact with the poles. The padding should be thick, durable and suitably weather-resistant. 

Child jumping on 6ft Hip Hop trampoline

Maintenance and Safety Guidelines

The safety enclosure adds a great layer of protection, helping to prevent falls, accidents and injury. But, as with anything, you need to maintain it regularly to ensure it is up to scratch.

Follow these maintenance instructions to look after the net:

  • Inspect the Net: Give the net a good once over now and then. Check for wear and tear, damage or holes. Any problems should be fixed as soon as possible.
  • Check Attachment Points: To work well, the net needs to be securely attached to the frame. Weaknesses will impact the strength of the net, meaning it might not perform if push comes to shove. Regularly check attachment points, making sure everything is safe and secure.
  • Review Safety Guidelines: Even with an enclosure, children should still be playing safely and responsibly on the trampoline. Make sure your children know the dos and don’ts of trampolining. Follow the manufacturer’s guidelines, and weight capacity and make sure only one person bounces at a time.
  • Supervision: A safety net is not a replacement for adult supervision. There should always be a responsible adult around whilst children are playing on the trampoline.


A 6ft trampoline with a safety net is suitable for children aged 3 to 10. But bear in mind, this is a general guide and you should double-check weight capacities before buying. If the trampoline 6ft  doesn’t have the weight capacity you need, size up to an 8ft trampoline.

The safety net is there to offer that added layer of protection, helping to prevent accidents and injuries. Plus, it offers parents reassurance that their children are having fun whilst staying safe.

When choosing a trampoline and enclosure, make sure you go for something high quality. The enclosure needs to be strong and secure. You should also maintain it regularly, checking everything is working as it should. Any damage, wear and tear or broken parts will reduce the integrity of the net.

Choose the right trampoline, and the right net, and make sure your children know the rules of staying safe on the trampoline. If you follow these tips, your kids can have endless hours of fun bouncing away without accident or injury.

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