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Guide to Disassembling and Storing Your 14ft Trampoline

Storing a 14ft trampoline, such as the Infinity 14ft with its efficient surround-safe enclosure, requires careful planning and proper consideration. Improper disassembly (or storage) will impact the integrity and safety of your trampoline.

This article looks at safe disassembly steps, the ideal conditions for storage and effective ways to protect your trampoline, and its parts, through an extended period of storage. With the right approach, you can properly preserve your trampoline through its hibernation, ensuring it's a family heirloom for future generations!

What Are the Steps and Precautions Needed to Disassemble a 14ft Trampoline for Storage Safely?

Disassemble with Care

The first step is to disassemble your trampoline carefully. Start by removing the safety paddings and weather cover/trampoline cover, then the safety enclosure.

If you have the Infinity 14ft trampoline, removing the safety enclosure takes as little as 5 minutes, and it’s a one-person job. It’s much easier and quicker than any other trampoline on the market!

Securing Components

Once the safety enclosure is removed, start detaching the springs. We strongly advise wearing gloves for this step to protect your hands from pesky skin pulls and trapped fingers. Using a spring puller will help you remove the springs.

Once the springs are done you can move onto the trampoline frame and mat. These should be disassembled carefully. It’s a good idea to check for any wear and tear before you tuck your trampoline away for hibernation. Make a mental note of any parts that might need attention before your trampoline can be used again.

What Kind of Space and Conditions Are Ideal for Storing the Disassembled Parts of a 14ft Trampoline?

Choosing the Right Storage Space

Long-term storage facilities are the ideal environment for storing your trampoline. Try to find a long-term storage solution that has climate controlled storage units, to protect your trampoline from extreme temperatures and humidity, which can cause corrosion, mould and mildew. Make sure you choose a storage space that comfortably fits all trampoline parts, without any squishing or squashing, to prevent damage. A bigger unit size also gives you more space for storing items!

Security Measures for Peace of Mind

Many storage unit providers will offer security measures, giving you peace of mind that your trampoline (and any other storage items) are safely tucked away. Ask about CCTV cameras, gated access and unit alarms to see what level of protection the suppliers offer. Some might even offer insurance in case of vandalism or break-ins.

How Can I Protect and Preserve the Trampoline Parts, Especially the Mat and Springs, During Long-Term Storage?

Wrapping and Covering for Ultimate Protection

Protective measures are needed to keep your trampoline mat and springs safe through long-term storage.

You should wrap each individual spring separately with bubble wrap or something similar. You should also wrap the jumping mat to keep it protected. Good wrapping will protect the parts from scratches, dents or other damage that could occur during storage.

You could pack the trampoline cover/weather cover into a vacuum bag, keeping it sealed and protected from dampness and mildew.

You should also think about pest protection. Mice nibbling into your delicate jump mat is the last thing you want! Make sure all parts are properly protected from any unwanted visitors.

Strategic Positioning and Organisational Tactics

It’s a good idea to think about strategic positioning when arranging your trampoline parts in the storage unit.

Make sure you evenly spread all components without putting excess weight or pressure on parts such as the trampoline frame. This will minimise the risk of strain or deformation over time.

Plus, good organisation ensures you won’t lose anything! If shelving units are available, use them to separate parts. If not, you might want to invest in some plastic storage boxes to keep springs, nuts/bolts and other small parts together.

The Multifaceted Benefits of Long-Term Storage Solutions

Long-term storage is a good way to protect your trampoline through rough weather. This will make your trampoline last longer so you can get more use out of it in the future.

There are so many benefits of long-term storage:

  • Damage Prevention: Storage shields your trampoline from rough weather, protecting it from damage that the elements might cause. Pack your trampoline away for winter and it’ll still be good as new when spring arrives!
  • Space Conservation: Keeping your trampoline in a storage unit frees up valuable space in your home/garage. It also frees up room in your garden so you can keep on top of landscaping maintenance whilst your trampoline is safely tucked away.
  • Preservation: The average trampoline lasts 3-8 years. That figure is even longer for higher-quality brands. With proper care, there’s no reason future generations shouldn’t be able to enjoy your trampoline too!


Effectively storing a 14ft trampoline, such as our Infinity 14ft model, involves a thorough approach. Meticulous attention to detail is needed when disassembling, careful consideration is required when choosing a storage spot and rigorous packing and wrapping is important to protect parts.

Following these guidelines ensures your trampoline's safety, security and condition throughout its storage period. It also ensures your family (or even future generations) will be able to enjoy your trampoline for years to come.

Whether you’re packing it away for winter, a long trip or to move home, proper disassembly and storage will protect your trampoline and all of its parts.


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