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Keep the Fun Going: Essential Seasonal Care and Smart Storage Tips for Kids' Slides

During the summer holidays or any time of year, owning a kids slide means providing endless fun and excitement in your garden for the little ones. Regular maintenance and strategic storage solutions are essential for sustaining the excitement and safety of your play space. 

This guide will provide you tips for preserving your outdoor slide's appeal and security year-round, from weatherproofing to efficient storage ideas. It will ensure an uninterrupted, fun learning experience and learning activity for your children. 

How do I ensure my outdoor slide stays safe and fun in every season?

As the school year comes to a close and weeks of fun at home and a rest from building academic skills begins, safety and enjoyment are paramount when it comes to childrens slide. To maintain your slide's prime condition, conduct regular inspections and upkeep year-round. Tighten or replace loose bolts and worn parts, and address any rust, cracks, or splinters promptly. Seal wooden surfaces to shield against weathering and apply rust-resistant paint to metal slides for durability and aesthetics.

Keep the surface clear of debris to prevent slips, and periodically clean with mild soap and water. Ensure overall stability, reinforcing base and anchoring points as needed to guarantee safety in diverse weather conditions.

For taller or steeper slides, enhance safety with rails or barriers and rubber mulch, especially for younger children. These measures bolster safety and functionality, ensuring year-round enjoyment for kids. 

For caregivers of children of reading age, adding a wall-mounted sign with safe play rules in large font size would be beneficial, as well as avoiding sans serif fonts for easy reading order.

What are the best ways to protect my slide from weather damage?

Weather conditions can significantly impact the longevity and safety of your outdoor slide. To protect it from rain, snow, and extreme temperatures, consider applying waterproof covers or canopies that shield the slide when not in use. For wooden slides, it’s vital to treat the wood annually with a waterproof sealant that prevents moisture absorption and protects against rot.

Child playing on a plastic garden slide

In summer, safeguard your slide from UV damage to prevent fading and brittleness. Use UV-resistant sprays for plastic slides to create a protective barrier. Regularly assess these measures' efficacy to maintain durability against weather extremes. Engage kids in slide care, turning maintenance into a fun science experiment. 

Additionally, ensuring adequate drainage around the slide area prevents water accumulation, which can cause damage and safety hazards. Positioning the slide in a shaded area is beneficial to minimise direct sunlight exposure.

Where can I store my slide to keep it safe and accessible?

Proper storage of your children's slide is essential for prolonging its life and keeping it convenient. If you have space, storing the slide indoors during harsh weather conditions or winter months is ideal. A garage, shed, or basement can provide excellent protection from the elements, preventing potential damage. Ensure the slide is not blocking any emergency exits. If indoor storage isn't an option, choose a sheltered part of your garden that is protected from prevailing winds and direct sunlight. 

Wooden kids slide folded up

Ensure the ground is flat, and cover the slide with a waterproof tarp to shield it from moisture and debris. Secure the cover properly to prevent it from being blown away by strong winds. Additionally, consider using breathable covers to prevent condensation build-up, which can lead to rust or mould. Regularly inspect the cover and the area around the slide to ensure no water pools or ice forms, as these can cause structural issues over time.

For indoor scenarios where space might be limited, the TP Active-Tots Pikler Style Folding Wooden Slide is a perfect addition. This FSC® certified wooden slide is specifically designed for young children and indoor play. It can be folded away for easy storage, making it ideal for active tots in smaller indoor environments.

How do I prepare my slide for winter weather?

Winter weather can be particularly challenging for maintaining an outdoor slide. Before the cold season sets in, thoroughly clean and dry the slide to prevent ice formation and moisture retention, which can lead to damage. If you're not storing the slide indoors, apply a generous silicone-based lubricant to metal parts to prevent rusting. 

Covering the slide with a heavy-duty, waterproof cover will also protect it from snow and ice. Ensure the cover is well secured and check periodically to remove any snow accumulating on top to prevent any structural strain from the weight. In addition to these steps, elevating the slide slightly off the ground is advisable to avoid direct contact with snow or frozen soil. This can be done using blocks or stands that are sturdy enough to support the slide's weight. 

Ensure that the area around the slide is free from obstructions and slip hazards, such as icy patches or accumulated snow, to maintain playground safety when the slide is in use.

What steps should I take to get my slide ready for summer fun?

Preparing your slide for summer fun is exciting as the warmer months approach. Start by removing any covers and thoroughly inspecting the slide for potential hazards. Clean the slide thoroughly with soapy water to remove any dirt or residues that have built up, and rinse well to ensure the surface is slick and safe for use. 

Check all protective coatings and treatments applied previously and reapply if necessary to protect the summer slide from UV rays and weathering. Ensure the area around the slide is clear and safe, removing any obstacles that could pose a risk to children playing. Check for any loose screws or components and tighten them as needed. If your slide has any moving parts, lubricate them to ensure smooth operation.

Inspect the ground underneath and around the slide to ensure it is even and free from sharp objects or harmful debris that might have accumulated. Add a soft landing mat at the bottom of the slide for added playground safety. 


Following these detailed tips for each season, your outdoor slide will remain a safe, fun, and inviting part of your garden all year round. Regular maintenance of playground equipment ensures the slide's longevity and guarantees safe outdoor play, no matter the season.

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