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Understanding the Size of a 14ft Trampoline

If you are looking for an outdoor activity that offers fun, fitness and family time, a trampoline is the perfect choice. There is a huge range of trampoline sizes on the market, but in this article, we will be looking at the 14ft sized trampoline.

The 14ft trampoline is a popular size that offers a great amount of room for jumping, flips and fun. If you are wondering what trampoline to buy, this article is a deep dive into everything you need to know about 14ft trampolines. From dimensions to set up space and safety features. We will also compare the 14ft model with other sizes, 12ft and 16ft, to help you choose the right size of trampoline for your needs.

The Essentials of a 14ft Trampoline

A 14ft trampoline typically measures 14 feet in diameter, which is roughly 4.3 metres. The 14ft measurement refers to the frame's size. The actual jumping space will be slightly less than 14ft, due to the safety padding and the springs. The springs create the all-important bounce whilst the padding is there to protect users from accidentally colliding into the solid springs.

When considering a trampoline of this size, you also need to consider set-up space. The golden rule is to have a 2m buffer zone around the edge of the trampoline. This means for a 14ft trampoline, you need roughly 27ft (or 8.3 metres) of free space in your garden. This allows for 2m of free space around the edge of the trampoline. This buffer zone is there to protect users should they accidentally bounce off the trampoline.

Comparing Sizes: From 12ft to 16ft Trampolines

To understand the size of a 14ft trampoline, it’s useful to compare it with the nearest models. A 12ft trampoline offers a slightly smaller jumping mat, which might be more suitable for younger children or smaller gardens.

A 16ft trampoline, on the other hand, has a much larger jumping mat which might be more suitable for families with teenagers… or adults who want to join in! There is also more room for tricks and jumps on a 16ft trampoline.

Choosing between a 12ft, 14ft or 16ft trampoline will depend on the space in your garden, the age and weight of the bouncers and your general personal preference.

How Wide is a 14ft Trampoline?

The width of a 14ft trampoline offers a great amount of room for kids of all ages. It’s also spacious enough for kids to try tricks, or for multiple bouncers to enjoy the trampoline together.


But, despite the wide jumping mat, always remember to follow the manufacturer’s weight capacity guidelines. Typically, the weight limit for a 14ft trampoline will be between 250 to 400 pounds (113 to 181 kilograms), though this will vary according to the brand and model. Following the weight capacity is really important. Weight limits keep bouncers safe and prolong the life expectancy of the trampoline.

Safety Features: Beyond the Enclosure

Safety is the number one priority with any trampoline. There are several safety features available for 14ft trampolines:

  • Safety Enclosure: Also called the safety net, this prevents users from bouncing off the trampoline.
  • Safety Padding: Covers the springs and the frame to protect bouncers from colliding with these hard surfaces.
  • Jumping Mat: Made from a shock-absorbing material to offer bounce and protect users from injuries.
  • UV-resistant Materials: Make up the mat and the netting, ensuring your trampoline is weather-resistant.

Depending on the trampoline brand, some trampolines will also come with a safety certificate that confirms their compliance with strict safety standards.

Larger Size for More Fun and Exercise

A 14ft trampoline's larger size is not just about accommodating more people at once, it also means more room for exercising, doing tricks or having fun. 

This 14ft size is especially appealing for older kids and adults as it offers enough space for bigger bouncers to perform flips and tricks. The wide jumping mat of a 14ft trampoline also means more users can bounce at once, whilst avoiding bumping into each other.

Choosing the Right 14ft Trampoline

When choosing a 14ft trampoline, don’t let size distract you. 

Remember to look at other aspects such as brand reputation, the quality of materials used and the safety features that are included. A robust frame and a high-quality jumping mat are non-negotiables. A solid safety enclosure is also a priority.

You might also want to consider the trampoline’s assembly process and whether it comes with a warranty.

Safety Padding and Its Importance

The safety padding on a 14ft trampoline covers the springs and frame, cushioning the edge of the jumping area. This padding should be thick, durable and weather-resistant, so you know it will resist rain and sun as well as frequent use.

Installation Space Requirements

Installing a 14ft trampoline requires careful planning and measuring up. The recommended safety clearance around a 14ft trampoline is at least 6ft  (2 metres) on all sides. This 2m buffer zone should be free from trees, fences and any garden furniture. You should also consider any vertical obstructions, such as tree branches, to protect bouncers from collision.

When measuring up your space make sure you choose a flat, even surface. Grass is ideal as this offers a bit of cushioning in case of falls.

The Verdict on 14ft Trampolines

A 14ft trampoline is a great form of outdoor fun and fitness. The 14ft model offers enough jumping space for activity, whilst still fitting into average sized gardens. This larger size of trampoline has a decent jumping mat that can accommodate tricks and flips or multiple bouncers at once. A 14ft trampoline is perfect for families with older kids, adults who want to join in the fun or anyone looking for a bigger trampoline!

When choosing a 14ft trampoline, it's important to consider the quality of materials, safety features and the brand's reputation to ensure you choose a trampoline that will be safe and fun for years to come. Remember to also follow manufacturer guidelines for weight limits. With a bit of research, you can find the perfect 14ft trampoline for your family.

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